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subkulture_add's Journal

SubKulture Add Me - Underground friend Community
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an "add_me" community for Punk, Goth, Rockabilly, Etc
This Community will function much like the other "Add_Me" groups, but we are here specifically for those of you interested in the music and/or lifestyles that are often misunderstood and misrepresented...

1.) Post a brief "About Me", including approx age.

2.) Tell us what type of people you want to befriend.

3.) Tell us about the music you like.

NOTE: Posts claiming to listen to "everything" will be deleted.

Be more specific than that. Include Genre's & Bands. This group is for people interested in sharing these interests.

4.) No Drama. Simply Post your "ad" or reply "added" to someone else.

5.) We don't care if Mainstream pop-punk/emo/numetal is your thing, but this group is not for you.

6.) Pics are ok, but no nudes. There are other groups for that.